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Piotr Krajewski
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Sącz belt

Price: 630zł net (774,90zł gross)

Ludowy pas sądecki Ludowy pas sądecki Ludowy pas sądecki
Ludowy pas sądecki

Wide, belt of "Lachy Sądeckie", decorated with brass studs and ring, leather stamping and red leather. The belt is 21cm wide and is made of natural veg tanned leather so it will darken with time. The leather is specially fold and it forms a pocket along a half its length. The belt is use in Nowy Sącz region. Possible in natural or darken colour.

Weg tanned leather

Price base version: 45,00zł net (55,35zł gross)
coloured version: 55,00zł net (67,65zł gross)

Weg tanned leather

Simple weg tanned leather belt, 25mm wide, about 3mm thick, it is good, durable belt for many years. Base version in natural colour, different colour are possible.

Noble belt

Price: 150zł net (184,50zł gross)

Noble belt Noble belt

Noble belt, fastened with Velcro, made of the original jacquard, other patterns are possible.

Folk belt

Price: 190zł net (233,70zł gross)

Folk belt Folk belt

Weg tanned leather belt 6cm wide.

Bass guitar strap

Price: 121,95zł net (150,00zł gross)

Bass guitar strap with folk pattern

Bass guitar strap with folk pattern, made of two layer so it fits easily.